Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Conditions

What is Anxiety?


Anxiety results from essential threat and fear detection systems in our brain. When in balance, feelings of anxiety actually keep us safe - by stopping us from crossing the road in front of a bus, for example. Problems arise when anxiety signals get out of control, like a faulty alarm system that keeps going off, and interfere with our everyday life and functioning.

Anxiety Conditions


Excessive, deep-rooted anxiety lies at the heart of many conditions, including addictions, weight issues, OCD and phobias.

'Pure' anxiety conditions that can also respond to hypnotherapy include:

  • generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • social anxiety disorder
  • panic disorder

Anxiety Symptoms


Anxiety and panic disorder generate unpleasant feelings which may include some or all of the following:

  • tightness in your chest
  • difficulty breathing
  • dizziness
  • sweating or hot flushes
  • trembling
  • racing heart or palpitations
  • feeling unable to move
  • feeling confused

All of the above anxiety symptoms are actually innate 'fight, flight or freeze' responses to danger, and all will subside and disappear as the causes of your anxiety are addressed in hypnotherapy.

Why Hypnotherapy?


Feelings of anxiety are 'conscious', but their roots are 'subconscious'. Hypnosis addresses the subconscious parts of the mind which means long-term resolutions and faster results than other talking therapies (like CBT or counselling).

How can Amanda help?


Amanda Craven specialises in helping clients with anxiety. She has an extensive, proven track record in this area and has conducted in-depth research into using hypnotherapy to treat anxiety disorders.

Amanda will use a personalised blend of integrative analytic hypnosis to reveal and resolve the causes of your excessive anxiety, so that you can live the calmer life you deserve.

How do I get started?


Call Amanda on 07966 524 768 or send a message from here to set up a short telephone consultation before booking your first appointment.

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