Hypnotherapy with Amanda Craven

What is Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis, a natural state of mind we all experience everyday.

By relaxing the mind and encouraging subconscious focus it's possible to address root causes of problems and make changes more easily and quickly than just by talking about things like you may do in counselling.

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Does it work for Everyone?

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In order to work, hypnotherapy needs three ingredients:

  1. A wholehearted desire to make changes
  2. Belief in the power of hypnosis or genuine openness to its power
  3. A trusting relationship between client and therapist

If these three elements are present, there is  absolutely no reason it won't work for you.

How long does it take?


The number of sessions required does vary from client to client. In rare cases one session is enough, but most clients will need between 4 and 6 sessions to achieve their goals. 

For deep-rooted issues we may need to work together for longer and will discuss this during the initial consultation.

Where are you based?

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My therapy room is in the Health Club of the Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough.

For clients outside of the area I offer Skype and telephone therapy sessions.

How do We get Started?


After a quick chat on the phone to find a little more about each other, we'll arrange a first appointment that will last one and a half hours*. Follow-up appointments last one hour and the frequency will depend on the issues we are addressing.

* See section on Young Clients for details of sessions for under-eighteens.