Hypnotherapy for Tics & Tourette's syndrome

How hypnotherapy can help tics

Testimonial from Mum of 9 Year Old Boy with Tourette's

"You have helped us so much I hope that others see this and benefit from it as an alternative to the prescribed treatments and a two year waiting list just to be seen by the psychologist on top of nearly two years to get a diagnosis. If I hadn't known you, the idea might never have come to me to try hypnotherapy, so I feel blessed, as it has made the world of difference to my son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx"

What are Tics?

Tics can be motor or vocal, simple or complex, and are often though not always synonymous with Tourette's/Tourette Syndrome. Examples of simple tics are blinking or shoulder shrugs (motor) or distinct, repetitive coughing-type sounds (vocal). Complex motor tics could include jerky hand-to-face movements or clusters of simple tics, and complex vocal tics include coprolalia (interjecting obscene words), echolalia (repeating what others say) and palilalia (repeating your own words).

Many tics can cause pain, embarrassment and/or disrupt everyday activities. This is why people may seek ways to reduce or eradicate tics. Medication is one option, and can be successful for some in reducing tics but clients worried about potential side effects look for alternatives.

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

By combining hypnosis with Habit Replacement Therapy I have been able to help clients to replace a tic which may be disruptive or painful with a less noticeable, more gentle action. In some cases the tic has just disappeared within a few months of treatment, re-appearing on rare occasions in a much more subdued form only at times of extreme stress or fatigue.

This approach is effective with all types of tics, not just those found in Tourette's Syndrome.

How Many Sessions?

Therapy sessions would take place on a weekly basis following on from a face-to-face assessment. The exact number of sessions would vary according to the type and severity of the tics but on average we'd be looking at 6 - 12 sessions in total.

How much does it cost?

The assessment lasts around 30 minutes and costs £20*.  

Follow up sessions last around 45 minutes and cost £30* each.

*Fees apply for Scarborough, North Yorkshire - please contact me for other locations.